Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mystical Garden

Some big kids who love Oliver a whole lot (Stefania & Tommaso) picked up this fun project whilst on holiday. Intrigued, assured of its mystical powers, but not at all convinced it would live up to expectations, they gifted OP with it recently. It develops over 10 hours (16), so we thought it best to wait all week until Saturday to put it together. It arrived in a fairly flat box--see below. Oliver and I assembled the pieces and poured the magic water, all before Papa woke up. It took awhile for anything to show up. We rejoiced over every blossom, which convinced us that this project was thought up by someone who suffers through a bleak winter
and waits
expectantly for spring. It was good fun, but a week on, it is now fit for the dustbin. Thanks, friends!

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molly said...

After all, the dustbin shall one day be home to all of us who flower and fade... ;)