Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten!

Oliver had his backpack on by 7:30am today. He was ready to go to kindergarten! After months of waiting the day he'd been waiting for arrived: 24th August 2009. He was quite happy to go off to school. Quiet and observant upon entering the classroom, as usual, he looked around and seemed to enjoy watching other children explore the room. He was not especially clingy, but he did want lots of cuddles and wanted mama to be the last one to leave the classroom. The photo that appears sideways (sorry about that) was taken during one such cuddle.

I took this last photo through the window after Oliver had ceased attempts at communication. The teacher is speaking his language--books! I think they're going to get along fine!


Tony and Claire Toth said...

Congratulations Mr. Kindergartener! Hope you had a great day.

molly said...

Thanks for the pics, and for inviting us along on this important and special day. May it be a beautiful beginning!