Monday, January 28, 2008

"I'm little grampa!"

We planned it for weeks--a much needed haircut for our dear son. Though crazy hair, especially crazy hat hair, is really fun, short hair is actually much more convenient for the parents. And short hair makes shampooing sooooo much easier. So we made a deal: haircut on Sunday right before bath. And, as long as we were cutting it short, we decided to cut it really short--"like grampa's." After the bath OP looked in the mirror and proclaimed, "I'm little grampa."

And the little grampa, when he's not pushing our energy to the limit and beyond, is quite sweet. Whilst cooking dinner last night I overheard an interaction between OP and his papa. They were working together on a writing activity. Papa looked at his work and announced that it was "excellent!" OP answered, "Excellent?! Thanks!" It was great to hear him understand, accept, and appreciate praise. Excellent!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Look at the photo and take a wild guess. Yes, sometimes we parents shout the aforementioned interjection amidst much noise, concentration, and frivolity, but more often it is our son, the budding drummer (or drummist, he tells us) who calls out, "quiet!" to settle things down before a performance. Since he did not receive the drumset he so dearly wanted for Christmas, we have fashioned a makeshift drumset for him in his corner. One must have cymbals to crash, after all.