Sunday, October 11, 2009

Student of the Month!

In one of those classic where-do-we-go -from-here? kind of experiences, Oliver was chosen as one of the students of the month for September, his first month in kindergarten. We were stupefied (and proud, of course), but discovered upon arrival at the celebration assembly that the award accorded all too well with the son we know and love. He was honored as "excellent reader," which we know already and which predates kindergarten by a few years. Kind of difficult to be launched into the stratosphere over this one. I don't want to seem ungrateful. Quite the contrary; Oliver went through a long period in which he would not read for classmates; they thought his skill was very strange. So, we are proud that in kindergarten he has already treated them to the full range of his reading ability, having taken Treasure Island to school for sharing day recently. Instead of being weirded out, his enlightened K-1 class was "amazed," according to his teacher.

Let's see if he can get a citizenship award; then his teacher-
parents will be REALLY proud! ;o)

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molly said...

Congratulations, Oliver! It is wonderful to be recognized for your gifts. Now you have even more reason to use them well.