Saturday, March 6, 2010

A New Season

Today Oliver played the first game of his 2nd T-ball season. This year his team is the Marlins.

He is wearing #1--kind of fun, because he gets to experience both first to bat and last to bat (last batter always hits a "home run" or "grand slam" since all players must come in after the last batter's turn). He would be very happy for visitors to cheer him on at his games. He plays nearly every Saturday at 8am.

We're especially proud of the good work Oliver did on the pitching mound--not pitching, of course, but throwing the ball to home plate for the out. He likes the game and generally knows where the play should be.

Oliver was very proud of his papa, who coached in the field and at 3rd base today.

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molly said...

Happy new season! Thanks for the pics. I'm proud of y'all, too. :) And, today I learned that my friend Ryan Ristine is on a Marlins team, down here in San Diego. I'm thinking it's gonna be a good year for Marlins.