Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oliver's 6th Birthday

Happy boy before his birthday. He loves carousels. His face launches a thousand ships with his joy when he is on one. The first summer we took him on a carousel he was 2 &1/2. He didn't want to leave. We were broke. We paid for three trips, and then we had to go. He cried for an hour.

This year for his birthday we gave him a choice: party as usual or Disneyland. Guess what he chose?

So here we are in front of the castle in the Magic Kingdom.

Apart from the carousel (above) and the Jedi Training Academy show (below--Star Wars is the current obsession, along with Harry Potter!), OP's highlights from the happiest place on earth were Dumbo and It's a Small World. He talked throughout the day about how Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and Pirates of the Carribean had really been too scary. And he would not go near Peter Pan: "it's dark in there."

On his birthday morning he opened several packages--from Glendora, Washington state, England, and Germany. At one point he looked at us and said, "I just feel so special today." Thanks very much for helping to make him feel special. We love our family & friends!

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The Toth Family said...

Oliver, you ARE special! I love you and miss you. Let's go together to Disneyland sometime.
P.S. I went to an aquarium yesterday. I touched a star fish but didn't want to touch anything else.