Monday, October 19, 2009

Tiger Suit on Sunday

(NOTE: angled shot especially for Krista)

You gotta love a kid who'll put on his tiger suit just because. Oliver has periodically donned his tiger suit in its entire or with just the head many times over the two years since my mama made the costume for him. Yesterday he wore just the head to church, but put on the whole outfit after nap to read.

And in a little less than two weeks, he'll put it on again to be a tiger for Halloween (3rd year in a row!). Thank you, Gramme!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

First Field Trip: Pumpkin Patch

OP went on his first school field trip today--got on one of those big yellowy-orange school buses and everything. I did not trail the bus by car or bicycle, nor did I observe the event from bushes near by. He did the whole thing without me--sitting on pumpkins (I'm guessing they were large), meeting Scare Crow Jim, sitting on a tractor, and taking a hay ride with his entire class!--and had a great time, "loved it," in fact. He is so not a baby anymore.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Go Blue Sharks!

Student of the Month!

In one of those classic where-do-we-go -from-here? kind of experiences, Oliver was chosen as one of the students of the month for September, his first month in kindergarten. We were stupefied (and proud, of course), but discovered upon arrival at the celebration assembly that the award accorded all too well with the son we know and love. He was honored as "excellent reader," which we know already and which predates kindergarten by a few years. Kind of difficult to be launched into the stratosphere over this one. I don't want to seem ungrateful. Quite the contrary; Oliver went through a long period in which he would not read for classmates; they thought his skill was very strange. So, we are proud that in kindergarten he has already treated them to the full range of his reading ability, having taken Treasure Island to school for sharing day recently. Instead of being weirded out, his enlightened K-1 class was "amazed," according to his teacher.

Let's see if he can get a citizenship award; then his teacher-
parents will be REALLY proud! ;o)

Mystical Garden

Some big kids who love Oliver a whole lot (Stefania & Tommaso) picked up this fun project whilst on holiday. Intrigued, assured of its mystical powers, but not at all convinced it would live up to expectations, they gifted OP with it recently. It develops over 10 hours (16), so we thought it best to wait all week until Saturday to put it together. It arrived in a fairly flat box--see below. Oliver and I assembled the pieces and poured the magic water, all before Papa woke up. It took awhile for anything to show up. We rejoiced over every blossom, which convinced us that this project was thought up by someone who suffers through a bleak winter
and waits
expectantly for spring. It was good fun, but a week on, it is now fit for the dustbin. Thanks, friends!