Sunday, September 7, 2008

winning attitude

Oliver had his first AYSO game yesterday. It's hard to believe he's that old already. Of course, it's not like these guys are hard-core pros yet. No one plays goalie, though somehow they find lots of excuses to stand around--often near the net. At one point Oliver and his friend, Mathias, were clawing on the net with their backs to the game. As he explained later, "We were pretending to be saber-toothed cats caught in the net." It's good to know that the Ice Age is still rattling around there somewhere with current obsessions of knights and soccer. (Conveniently, his team wears orange and goes by the name "Orange Knights.) Also rather conveniently, the field where they play is about a 15 minute walk from where we live. So they had fun, even though the other team "must have had some kindergartners." They were bigger and they kicked the ball--often in the goal. But our Knights never lost their good spirits against the Dragons.


Krista S. Givens said...

what a proud dad Oliver must have. a good English-lad thing to do - to be a footballer... and an Orange Knight to boot! What good fortune. I love seeing the photo and hearing stories of ordinary life. Thanks. :)

eshams said...

yes--his papa is very proud and also quite amused. and hoarse. He has advocated adopting a Backyardigans song about knights for OP's team: "We're knights, that's right, so brave and bright, with smarts and strength and guts and might. Never ever rude, always polite, our soccer skills are out of sight." And they were--quite out of our sight. Nevermind, eh.
Next time he'll even have shorts that are meant to fit one child at a time.

Tony and Claire Toth said...

Who's that handsome young man? All grown up and stuff?! I can't wait to see Oliver and give him lots of cuddles. Gavin is looking forward to meeting his cool cousin. Oliver-- will you read to Gavin while you are at our house?