Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Tricks!

Riding the truck--with close supervision, of course. (At this age Oliver was already riding one-handed and wielding the other in victory or neighborly greeting. Seba is a bit more reserved.)
Endless fun with the baby in the mirror. Any mirror works, even this lightweight play mirror, which results in fantastically distorted versions of our beautiful baby. It's no matter to Seba; he loves the baby every time.
Smiling through the pacifier. He has honed this skill to a fine art. A favourite family game is to get him to laugh or to smile so much that the pacifier falls out.
(He's also a great traveler! This photo was taken in a hotel on the road.)

1 comment:

The Toth Family said...

What a big boy! And handsome too. Looks like he's quite the blondie these days.