Monday, December 28, 2009

Vacation Fun

Thought you might like a peek at how we kept ourselves busy during winter break (when not coughing, sneezing, or snoozing).

Grandpa, Oliver, and Philip worked together to try out a rocket that uses the old baking soda and vinegar combination. They cooperated so well. It worked really well the first time; you can just see the rocket on its descent. Alas, each of the next attempts were failures of one sort or another.

Not quite sure what led to this, but Philip and Oliver wrote a short play one day using puppets from Gramme's collection. Our family of three rehearsed the parts and then performed from behind the dining room table.

Grandpa treated OP to his first professional haircut:

This year Oliver was stocking taskmaster. He took them down, passed them out, directed opening, and returned all to the mantlepiece. (All this reminded me of Oliver leading us around Newport Beach at the age of 2 & 1/2, saying, "I'm the director! I'm the director!"

And of course he figured out some repetitive olympic maneuvers for the living room at Uncle Warren's and Auntie Nichole's house...Right before the smack down from Uncle Tyler.

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