Friday, April 24, 2009

Two loves

Philip chanced upon our dear son in this pose. These days the hat hardly comes off (hence the 10 year old browny kind of color), the glove goes most places, even if it has to stay in the car or a cubby, and the uniform must constantly be cleaned. Our son is in love with baseball. He plays T-ball, but he is learning to like baseball in the way aficionados like it--you know the type: statistics, differences in uniform over time, players from different times, etc. True to form, he gleans much of this from books checked out from the library, though he also has a weak spot for! Here I think the book is not baseball-related, so he's combining his two loves in simultaneous pursuit of two subjects.


Tony and Claire Toth said...

I have the coolest nephew! I hope Gavin learns to like reading as Oliver does.

Van Claude Windham said...

It's a great photo, Colleen. I also enjoyed the penultimate post you did.