Thursday, January 15, 2009

Send your list of 5 by February 18th!

Hello, friends!
Oliver will turn 5 on February 18th, 2009. When he was 3 & 1/2 it seemed like everything would happen for him when he turned five. That was the age he quoted for getting a chance to move, becoming a paramedic, reading competently, and other items. Well, he's been reading for ages, we just moved two months ago, and I don't have the heart to tell him that paramedics have to be at least 20.

We do want to do something special for him, and that's where YOU come in! Here's what we're asking you to do:
1) Make a list of 5: things you like to do with OP, things you like about OP, your favorite foods, your favorite places to visit, your favorite books. Any G list of 5 would be fab!
2) Attach or otherwise affix 1 or 2 photos:
a) of you at age 5
b) of you with OP (at any age)
3) Make sure all fits on an 8.5" x 11" sheet.
4) Send to Mama Esham by email, surface mail, or owl post by February 18th.
Call or email with any questions. Have a great time, and thanks in advance for participating!

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