Monday, November 17, 2008

Team Spirit

Saturday was the last soccer game of Oliver's first season. He had a great time, especially when he stopped thinking about saber-toothed cats and started playing the game! Two times we had to pull him away from kicking or trying to kick the ball when he was supposed to be resting. He has had a lot of fun.
At the team party the coach handed out trophies and certificates. Oliver was given the award for team spirit, which prompted him to quiz his coach: "What do you mean by team spirit?" The coach began a list: you're always cheerful, and when you're there you make others cheerful; you're happy to do whatever we're doing; you even came to practice when you were sick." At some point in the litany Oliver said, "Ok, I get it. I get it." That team spirit must have an off switch ;o)

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Krista S. Givens said...

look how big he is getting! he is just so special (she says, totally unbiased...) i agree with the team spirit selection. :)