Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ick factor

Warning! This post may rate pretty high on your ick factor. I'm including this photo and story for several reasons: Oliver took it, some of you occasionally complain that I am never in the photos, it gives me a chance to challenge your ick factor.
So here it is--or rather, here I am...in a guarderobe in Castle Hedingham. Just to be a little clearer, I'm sitting over a whole in a wooden board that opens onto a long shaft down to the castle basement. Oliver thought it would be really cool to have a photo of me on a castle toilet, so he took one. On the castle tour we saw where the shaft emptied into the basement--right next to the place for food storage. Ick!
My own personal ick factor was increased with the help of a book called "Castle Diary," which Krista checked out for us in Hamburg. The book tells the goings on of knights and castles from a page's point of view; it's really neat. Reading through the book, Oliver and I were pleased to find a drawing of the castle toilet. We learned all about the Gong Farmer, whose job it was to muck out castle toilets when they clogged. Descriptions of the GF's cart and clothing were very detailed--flies his constant companions, smells that never wash clean, castle residents begging for rain. Suffice it to say that by the end of the description I was queasy just from the thought of it.
Subsequently, my boys have enjoyed taunting me with my visceral reaction to the portrayal of GF. Whatever it takes for a giggle, I guess.
How's your ick factor?


Lonely Paul said...
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Krista S. Givens said...

so true...you were freaked out and got all green while reading that page...hehehehe. i thought it was quite humorous. does that make me evil?