Thursday, March 27, 2008

"That's good, mama. Now papa..."

I know, I know; it's shameful. I haven't posted any new photos or stories in almost a month. You're not more sorry than I am, I can assure you! Nothing a dozen spring breaks in a row wouldn't cure! And now, a new entry, but no photo. How cruel. This story, however, is worth posting, even without a photo.

Mama and papa are quite proud of the little tyke--especially when he reads whole pages on his own. (It's quite astounding, actually. Sometimes we really have no idea of the extent of his capabilities.) I guess, in good educator fashion, we reward heavily with verbal praise, such as, "that's good!" (One receives oneself back in such fascinating ways from a child!) At any rate, in the car today, OP started asking us questions: "Now mama, is a killer whale a dolphin?" I answer dutifully: "Well, yes, Oliver, we just read in your new book that a killer whale is a dolphin." "That's good, mama! Now papa, what can you tell me about mammals?" Papa's turn: "They're warm-blooded, they need air, and they give milk to their babies." "That's good, papa!"

I guess it was his turn to be the parent/teacher/coach today. Philip and I were proud--and thoroughly entertained!

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