Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mom, I have to go!

Oliver stopped eating his dinner suddenly last night. "All of a sudden I'm eating dinner, all of a sudden I'm sick." We were eating outside, so we'd bundled him in all of our spare outer garments, but he was still cold. Now his tummy hurt, and he no longer wanted to eat. He cuddled me in my lap for the rest of the meal, eyes streaming with mucus. Yuck!
This morning we talked about being sick. He said, "When I'm cold, I'm sick. I'm not cold, I'm not sick." "Well," I said, "I was going to keep you home from school today. Do you think you can go?" That's when he said it, using the 'Mom, you're ruining my life!' kind of tone: "Mom, I have to go!" "Of course you have to go," I responded. "They're expecting you." Duh, mom.

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molly said...

Has OP considered a career in the "school is cool" movement?

And thank God he lives in So-Cal. Think how much he'd be sick in, say, Siberia!!